February 20, 2023

Connect to Digital Assets

Connect to Digital Assets

In order to deposit funds into your Eumlet account, you must first add a payment method.

To add a payment method, please follow these steps:

1. From the Navigation panel, click on "Management."

2. The Management section will be displayed.

3. Under Management, click on the "Payment Methods" tab.

4. The Payment Methods page will appear, which will be empty if this is the first time you have accessed this section.

5. Click on "Add a Payment Method."

6. The "Set up your account" dialog will appear.

7. Review the information provided and click "Continue."

8. A list of banks that you have configured with Eumlet will be displayed.

9. Select a bank to connect with Eumlet.

10. Review the permissions list and click "Agree and Continue."

11. The sign in page will appear, where you must enter the login credentials for the selected bank account.

12. Enter the credentials and click "Secure Login."

13. The system will verify the credentials, and upon a successful connection, the selected bank account will be connected to Eumlet.